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Call for Papers for conference "Leaving Europe’s Waiting Room. Overcoming the Crisis of EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans", November 9-11, in Graz

The Centre for Southeast European Studies, University of Graz in cooperation with the European Fund for the Balkans, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik, Südosteuropa Gesellschaft and Europe Direct Steiermark will host a three day conference on the state of EU enlargement in Graz on the 9-11th November 2012. The goal of the conference is to reflect whether EU enlargement in the Western Balkans is in crisis and will include policy-led discussions on reinvigorating the EU enlargement process and academic panels on specific obstacles in the enlargement process. An edited collection of the best papers presented at the conference is planned for 2013.
This conference will discuss the obstacles and approaches to accelerate and reinvigorate the enlargement process. Instead of viewing enlargement as a state fullfilling formal criteria, the conference will focus on how and if the enlargement process can overcome “enlargement fatigue” and skepticism towards membership of the Western Balkans in the EU to key aspects that the enlargement process both hopes to overcome and which risk remaining an obstacle for EU membership.  As an interdisciplinary event, the conference will include policy makers, lawyers, political scientists, sociologists and scholars from other disciplines. 
The organizers invite paper proposal for the conference by 20 July 2012. Applicants are particularly encouraged to apply with papers on the following thematic areas:

• Enlargement Fatigue in the EU? Causes and how to build support for Enlargement.
• Making EU Enlargement Work--How to reinvigorate the accession process?
• EU Conditionality Before Membership: Membership Conditionality vs. Policy Conditionality
• How to Break the Deadlock of Bilateral Disputes in the Western Balkans
• Regatta or Big Bang Model of Accession?
• Closing Difficult Chapters: Rule of Law and Judiciary Regional Cooperation in the WB
• Global Economic Crisis and its Influence on the EU Enlargement

Read more:’s-waiting-room-overcoming-crisis-eu-enlargement-western-balkans

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