Apr 09

A new book (in Spanish) on "Borders on the Move. Migration to the European Union in the Mediterranean Context" /"Fronteras en Movimiento. Migraciones hacia la Unión Europea en el contexto Mediterráneo" by: Zapata-Barrero, Ricard; Ferrer-Gallardo, Xavier

As the Arab Spring advanced, the external border control mechanisms that the European Union had subcontracted to states like Libya and Tunisia broke down. Gripped by fear of the consequences of the geopolitical transformations, a wave of renationalizing and re-bordering anxiety swept over the chambers of government of several EU states. In April 2011 the border hangover of the Arab Spring culminated in the French-Italian crisis at Ventimiglia. The consequences of this crisis exposed the complex relationship between the fortification of the EU’s external borders and the free circulation of people within the Schengen zone. With this background, and putting the lens on migration flows across the Mediterranean, the contributions to this book provide a reading of the recent evolution of EU border management policies.

One of the authors of the book ,Xavier Ferrer-Gallardo, is representing EUBORDERREGIONS Spanish partner organization Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona.
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